Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Checkerboard Win!

I don't know about you, but it just makes me happy to get fun stuff in the mailbox!
You know, something other than window envelopes?!

Well, look what I got in the mail this week. I love it!! I won this jewel in a giveaway on House of Hepworth's blog a couple weeks ago.

It's from LanieRee who blogs at Life in the Pitts She also sells these cute checkerboards and some megacute frames at her Etsy store, Made in the Pitts
How cute is that?! Anyway, check out her cute store and her blog. And while you're at it check out HOH!

Thanks ladies, I love it!!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Car Breakdowns and God’s Timing ~ A Finer Thing

This week, I find myself reflecting on how good God has been to me.  He is always right on time.  His timing and ways are so much higher than my own.  Personally, I prefer a world where nothing needs to be maintained, repaired, cleaned, or cooked.  So that I can just play with my kids, watch their 5,248,357th baseball game, and crochet.  Since we do not live in this world, things do break down and have to be repaired. 
This week, it was the van.  Please understand, my van is my lifeline.  It is my favorite vehicle EVER.  SERIOUSLY!  I love it.  It takes me where I want to go and has room enough inside for all the kids to separate.  It even has doors that slide on both sides.  Oh, and the air conditioning works on a regular basis.  Since it has been nearly 500 degrees out with 150% humidity, A/C is ESSENTIAL!!!  The van is also an older model with about 156,000 miles on it. 
About a month ago, my husband went on an overnight business trip.  Right before he left, the transmission went out!!  Oh no, what will we do!!  Well, God is divine and His timing is perfect.  
On my way home from my mother in law’s (aka Mimi) the transmission began slipping.  The next day, my sweet husband went out to check on what I meant by “it just won’t go, there is something wrong, it made this PPPPPPLLLLLTTTTT sound” and the van would not go into gear.  Off to the repair shop it went. 
Since hubby was going on a business trip, his company rented a car for him so the kids and I drove hubby’s car while the van was getting fixed.  We did not need to get the kids up before sunrise to get hubby to work. {Thank you, Jesus!}

The Bad:

Transmission died.  No van, no go! 

The Good: 

Transmission began to die on the way home.  The kids and I made it home.  No whiny, tired, and hot kids stuck on the side of the road.  {Thank you, Jesus!}  
Since hubby was going on a business trip, his company rented a car for him so the kids and I drove hubby’s car while the van was getting fixed.  We did not need to get the kids up before sunrise to get hubby to work. {Thank you, Jesus!}

Fast forward to a month later.  Transmission is fixed and hubby has another overnight trip to the SAME place as when transmission went out. 

The bad: 

The van begins sputtering when you go 40 – 50 mph.  As long as you stay below, 40 and above 50, no problems.  

The good: 

We make it home and no tired, whiny, cranky kids stuck on the side of the road. {Thank you, Jesus!}
Hubby is going on another overnight trip and his company rents a car for him.  So we do not need to get the kids up before dawn and drive hubby to work. {Thank you, Jesus!}
Also, the repair shop thinks it might just be a wire that needs to be replaced.  {Thank you, Jesus!}

So, long story short, God is always there and sometimes we have to look beyond the right here, right now and see the good that God has for us.  Cars will break down, people will be rude and hurt our feelings, we will be tired, cranky, and whiny {and so will the kids}, but God is there and He always has been.

Hope that this post has been an encouragement to you.  When have you chosen to see God’s perfect timing rather than the imperfect situation?

For me, God’s perfect timing is a Finer Thing.  Visit Amy’s Finer Things for more Finer Things Friday.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Buttons, Buttons, and More Buttons

Sorry to have taken a blogging break. I hope to be back soon with some new fun stories about the kids and the zany-ness of our lives. But for now, I thought I would share my newest obssession. I found these scrapbook paper buttons on Etsy and fell in love. They are covered with resin so they can get wet and can be wiped off if the outside gets dirty.

And who knows.... A few of these might become brooches...

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great day!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

'Nuff Said!

I'm not a very good photographer, but I think you get the message here!!

Linking to Wordless Wednesdays @ 5 Minutes for Mom Here

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birthday Shirt Winner!!

A Big Thank You to everyone who entered our Giveaway last week. We are so grateful to have you as friends!

Congratulations to Jennifer!! She was the winner of the Birthday Shirt we gave away for my birthday. This is Jennifer's winning comment:

"When I turned 13 we had a tea part in a gazebo at a park, that was my fav birthday party."

James is her little man, and he will be turning one in June. He'll be sporting this custom-made-just-for-him Birthday Shirt!

Now, if you have a little person having a birthday soon and need a special
shirt for the celebration come see us in the Etsy Shop to place your custom order! And we do make larger than toddler sizes for older children!

Stay tuned, we'll do something special for our 300th sale soon! Watch the shop, or better yet, go buy something and make it happen soon!


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