Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 Reasons I love Back to School Time


1.  School Supplies – School supply shopping is one of my favorite things!!  There is something exciting about buying fresh unused boxes of crayons and new loose leaf paper.  The smell of Crayola in the house brightens my day.

2.  Fresh Starts – The start of the school year is a fresh start.  To me, the beginning of school is a better time to make new resolutions than on New Year’s Day.

3.  Early to Bed, Early to Rise – Those of you who know me know that I am a morning person.  After about, um, 9:00 pm, I should crawl under a rock and not speak to others.  By getting up early, the boys are ready for bed earlier and we all have a much happier day!

4.  Routine – Having a carefree summer was fun, but being out of routine wore on my house and my nerves {yep, I said it!}.  The kids and I had fun this summer, but being out of routine was stressful.  Next summer, I am going to HAVE to get a routine going at the beginning of summer. 

5.  New Teachers – All of the teachers my boys have had so far have been WONDERFUL and AMAZING!  There is something fun and undiscovered about new teachers.

6.  Shoes – Back to school means back to school shoe shopping.  The boys needed new shoes so they could run faster and jump higher.  Because new shoes do that right? 

7.  Backpacks – The boys were so fun when we were looking for backpacks.  Andrew is a big 3rd grader now and he wanted a “cool” backpack {i.e. one with only one strap}.  Jacob wanted a Lightning McQueen backpack {complete with matching lunchbox}.

8.  New Friends – Every year brings with it a new group of friends.  New friends to chat with, learn from, and play with. 

9.  Better spectator weather – With three boys, sports occur in almost every season.  Right now, we are playing baseball (fall ball) and soccer.  When the season began, we sat outside in 100+ degree weather for practices.  Now that school has started again, temperatures have been cooling off and we are reaching much, much, much more reasonable temps.

10.  Beanie Season – Those of you who know me, know that I love beanie season.  That is the time of year when the weather cools off and the kids can wear all their cute beanies.  Most people might just call this time of year fall, but around our house, it is beanie season!

Hope you are enjoying the fun, exciting, and occasionally stressful back to school time.  We are!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School ~ Back to Routine

After much debate in my head as to how to start this blog post, I thought it might be best to explain the long absence to our blog.  Well, summer has been busy, crazy, fun, hectic, and hairy!  We have been so busy.  With that being said, the kids are all back in school and life is back to the new normal pace.  Routine has arrived and with it, more blog posts.  I hope that you will stay around and share with us.  The kids have started back to school and this school year teaching jobs have been scarce so for now, subbing and crocheting are my full time job. 


Andrew has started in 3rd grade and he LOVES it.  His principal has asked him to be an escort for the Kindergarten students for the next week.  He is thrilled to have been given the responsibility.


Jacob is now a Kindergartener.  He LOVES school and all of his new friends.  I had the opportunity to volunteer in his class on Friday and it was so much fun to see him playing and socializing.  He rides the bus to and from school now.  Riding the bus was the most exciting part of going to school for him.


Caleb wishes he were in big school, but preschool is enough for him.  This year, he gets to play on the big kid side because he is completely potty trained.  Woo Hoo!!  This is the first time in YEARS that I have not had a little person in diapers.


Mimi and I have been working on lots of new items for fall and back to school.  Check out this cute owl shirt and Lil’ Hoot Beanie.  




Have your kids started back to school yet?  What is your favorite part of the back to school routines?


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