Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things I love Thursday

I'm back! What? You didn't miss me? Ouch, I'm going to ignore that. I've been away for awhile with family matters and then the flu (YUCK!!) Yesterday out of the corner of my eye what did I happen to get a glimpse of??? This little jewel:
This little hook makes me happy. I found it for 80% off at Hobby Lobby. It's a little bird in a cage and on the back of the inside it says "Count your Blessings: Now doesn't that just make your little heart sing?

Giveaways make me happy too! Hop over to Myra's blog at and enter the giveaways she has going to celebrate her blogiversary. We're giving away a $15.00 shop credit to our etsy store. There's lots to love there too!

I love winning a giveaway too, so hopefully I'll have something to show you that we won at a cute little blog I stumbled on before the flu hit! Stay tuned!

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