Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday ~ Snow Day

So, today was a snow day.  Schools closed, roads closed, it was a snow day.   All of this for 1" of snow.  Only in Alabama.  Here are my top ten reasons for loving a snow day:

1.  Snow in Alabama usually means you get a day off, but never fear you will only be stuck for a day.

2.  It is a good reason for your almost 5 year old to wear his rain boots (as close as we get to snow boots).

3.  Tarfs - Need I say more?  Check out the inspiration behind the tarf at Counting my Pennies and Blessings.  Her son requested a tarf to match his beanie hat.

4.  Elmo Hats

5.  Beanies

6.  Snow Angels

7.  Snowball Fights - Although we spent a lot of time pulling grass and leaves out of the snow to make a snowball.

8.  Snowmen - Oh wait, you have to get more than 1" of snow to make a proper snowman...  Maybe next time...

9.  A good reason to go outside even though it is FREEZING!!!

10. A fun time with my sweet boys.

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  1. I'm in Atlanta so we can relate ... flurries still get me excited & an inch means it's an official snow day!!

  2. I was going to say---Atlanta snow and Alabama snow are just he same!

    I LOVE that "tarf"!! :)

  3. Ha! I will refrain from comparing our 5 feet of snow to your 1 inch :) and agree that the "tarf" is ah-dorable!!

  4. Love your new design!!!! Looks so good. We love snow days too :)

  5. I hate snow but I enjoy seeing others who do enjoy it. I live in New England so we get our share of it and a looong winter every year. But seeing others enjoy it makes my heart happy
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. I love the Elmo hat, my son would go crazy for it. Snow angles are THE BEST way to enjoy the snow.

  7. We're in SC and got 4 inches of snow with that storm. We only get snow once every 10 years! So we had lots of improvising to do in the area of snow gear too. We did have enough snow for a snow man. Our toddler loved it, then she grieved his passing.

    Great post - thanks for sharing!

  8. The Elmo hat is adorable!! We had fun too - it's a great change of pace every now and then, isn't it?


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