Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baseball Season ~ Top Ten Tuesday


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At our house, Spring is not just a season that leads to Summer.  Spring is BASEBALL season.  With three sons, baseball season is exciting, frustrating, and a huge balancing act.  This year, Andrew and Jacob are playing so baseball season started in February and will last until June.  While baseball can be busier than Christmas at our house, we LOVE it!!  Caleb has spent so much time at the baseball field that it is almost home away from home for him.

Ten Reasons I LOVE Baseball Season:

1.  Trophies ~  The boys love it when they get a new trophy each year.  The trophy might be Jacob’s main goal in playing ball.

Jacob's T Ball Party (16)

2.  Team T Shirts ~ Caleb is only 3, but he knows it is baseball time when we put on our baseball shirts!  Some mornings he will wake up and ask if it is a “bay-ball” shirt day.

3.  Outside ~ Nuff said!  What better reason to play outside than to watch brother play baseball.

4.  Dirt ~ In their hair, in an old cup, in a water bottle, make a mound, drive your little car in it.  Baseball dirt is almost like orange sand.  Most of the time after baseball, my boys are COVERED in dirt.  I use their dirt covering as a fun meter.  More dirt = More fun!

5.  Concessions ~ Nachos, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Popcorn, Gatorade, all my available cash….

6.  Friendships ~ Baseball gives the boys the opportunity to make new friends as well as Josh and I the opportunity to get to know our neighbors.  We live in a small community and you can see most of our town at the ball field.

7.  Bags ~ Since I am a total bag lady, my first thought when Andrew played T Ball was what kind of bag should we get him.  Seriously though, I love that the boys learn the responsibility of keeping up with their bag and their stuff.

8.  Responsibility ~ Baseball teaches kids to be responsible for their own belongings and their actions.  Mom is not in the dugout with them to keep up with their glove, hat, and helmet.

9.  Balls ~ Need I say more?

10.  Patience ~ Baseball involves a good bit of waiting.  Waiting for the game to start, waiting for the ball to be hit to your part of the field, waiting for your turn to bat, waiting for coach to finish talking.  Baseball reinforces waiting nicely.

Andrew's Baseball Party

Well, this post got a bit more random than I expected, but we are a baseball family.  We love every minute of the boys playing ball and baseball is by far our favorite sport.

What sports do your kids play? 


  1. I love baseball. We missed the cutoff this year, so they're not playing and I miss it. You're right it can be a juggle but totally worth it!

  2. How fun! It will be a total new thing when my 1yo is old enough to do baseball! So cute!!

  3. Ooh, I love number 10. that's probably the hardest part for me about baseball. We just started our oldest girl in soccer last month and so far it's been fun. She quickly forgets how she whines and cries toward the end of each game and is totally stoked again the next time to play. I'm glad for that!

  4. hehe. Number 7 made me laugh because I would have had the same thought- baseball=time to buy a cute, new bag :)

  5. My mom is a baseball fanatic too! She actually works as an usher for KC Royals at 61 yrs old:)


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