Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Stop Pretend Eating Your Brother"

Never in my life did I think I would need to put these words together...  It all started innocently enough.  We were all in the car and Jacob started to pretend eat Caleb.  Caleb had a MELTDOWN.   So, then the words came out - "Stop pretend eating your brother."

"But Mommy, I will spit him out." said Jacob.  Ok, that makes it better.  If you are going to pretend eat your brother, you should spit him back out.  "Caleb, is it ok if Jacob spits you out?"  Yes.  So, I hear pretend chomping and spitting for a bit. 

Then Jacob starts crying. I asked "What's wrong?"  Through his tears, Jacob said "Caleb is pretend eating me and not spitting me out."   So then came the words that I NEVER thought I would have to say - "If you are going to pretend eat your brother, you HAVE to spit him out."

So, down the road we went.  Each of the little boys pretend eating his brother, but spitting after each bite. 

Share your favorite I can't believe I said moment.  I would love to hear your stories.

And yes, ALL the boys have been in time out at the same time!  But this was not for pretend eating brothers. 


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  1. Oh my! This post cracked me up (and my hubby too)! I told him stories like these are why I need to have girls! haha


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