Monday, September 7, 2009


What beautiful weather for Labor Day here in North Alabama! I hope you enjoyed it. Maybe a little time spent with the family, a little bar-b-que or grilled burgers. Maybe even some homemade ice cream? Our family used to have a get together every Labor Day to mark the passing of summer. I miss those gatherings. Family is important. Our family may not be perfect but it's family. We are missing precious pieces of this family puzzle that God gave us. It will never be quite the same. Family is a blessing, flaws and all. I pray that you will enjoy yours.

Oh yeah, about that giveaway. As part of our new adventure we are giving away a Buggy Buddy from our Etsy Store. You can find out about the giveaway at my friend Myra's blog She'll tell you all about it later this week. Her blog is always interesting, check it out.

Go to our Etsy store and see the Buggy Buddy that will be given away. If you aren't sure what a Buggy Buddy is, let me know. I'll tell you all about it! I do think that it's a wonderful idea. My daughter-in-law Charissa (Partner in the New Adventure!) and I saw a girl using one in wmart years ago and decided that we needed one of those. That's where my Buggy Buddies began and they have grown and evolved into what they are today.
While you were there did you see those cute little BooBoo Bunnies at the store? Aren't they sweet?
Stay tuned.

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  1. The blog looks fantastic!!!!!! :) Looking forward to the giveaway starting on Wednesday!!


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