Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beanie Models

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted on Etsy by Marsha Barton Photography about trading some of our baby accessories for professional pictures of children wearing them.  After looking at her portfolio and reading her blog, I jumped at the opportunity that God placed before me.  I crocheted a lavender beanie with a brown flower and a chocolate brown, bright blue, and pistachio green beanie to send to her.  A couple of days after she received the beanies, I received the cutest pictures.  The pictures I got back were amazing! 

Marsha Barton Photography is located in Mobile, AL, but she is from North Alabama and visits frequently.  She specializes in outdoor photography.  Feel free to learn more about Marsha Barton Photography on her blog or Photography Shop.  In the future, I am planning to trade more of my creations with her.  If you are selling baby items and would love to trade for professional pictures or are interested in a photo session with your own children, please contact Marsha.  I would highly recommend it. 





Thank you again Marsha!  You did a fantastic job!


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  1. The little boys beanie is precious!! And best of all - daddies will approve! It's hard to find cute boyish beanies!


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