Friday, November 27, 2009

A New Project

Since it's the day after Thanksgiving and everyone is all worn out from eating, shopping and watching the big game, thought I'd share a new project with you.
This is a car seat cover I'm making for Kelly at Joyful Adorations, who is expecting a precious little girl next month. She was given a perfectly good car seat to use, but we've girlied it up a little bit for Lily Grace!
The pattern is really for a larger car seat, but I think it's going to fit just fine. It has 8 bound buttonholes for the straps to pass through. She will need more buttonholes when she moves up to a larger seat, but we'll worry about that later.
Kelly, I hope you like it so far. Now to work on that cover. Hmmmm
More pics later. Maybe.


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