Monday, November 9, 2009

What’s Your Favorite Homemade Gift? McLinky Blog Hop

The holidays are coming soon than I like to admit to. Although I have finished the majority of my Christmas shopping (thanks to my sweet MIL finding some GREAT deals!), I still have some presents to buy and some to make. This year I have been especially thoughtful of how much money I am spending on gifts for family members and friends.

In teaching my children that it is more blessed to give than to receive (a hard lesson that I should teach myself more often as well), I am planning to have them help in making some homemade gifts this year. I haven’t really set any ideas in stone, but in year’s past the kids have made picture frames, handprints on candles (works well with craft paint and solid color candles), tied fabric wreaths, and food goodies. This year I am planning to make dishcloth sets for my kid’s teachers and hopefully gift them with a handmade food treat.

Handmade gifts mean so much more than something just purchased at the store. Anyone can go to {insert store name here} and purchase {insert gift here}, but to make a gift requires thoughtful consideration and sometimes a leap of faith! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes store bought gifts or gifts purchased from handmade retailers (such as MiMi’s Babies) are the perfect gift, but there is something special about a handmade gift.

So what will you be making this holiday season?


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  1. Each year I usually try to make something hand made for each of my direct family. This year, because of time, they may just get the traditional hand made Banana Nut Bread, Baklava and Chocolate covered 'stuff'. Yummy!! ~Krafty Max

  2. Handmade is the way to go!!!!

    My favorite handmade gifts are my quilts. Snail Trail in red gingham and muslin made by Grama and Red and Blue bandana Quilt made by my mom and the afghan my other Grama made for my 16th birthday....very mod (it was 1977), red, orange and white grannies...I still have them all!

  3. Good afternoon~

    I found you through the Blog Hop today and I am thoroughly enjoying my visit! I so agree with Suburban Hooker.....Handmade is the way to go!!!!

    I love ANYTHING homemade! Every year my kids ask me what I want for for my birthday and for Christmas and my answer is always the same........SOMETHING HOMEMADE BY YOU! And every year they LAUGH!!! lol

    I love making scented rice/corn bag warmers. They are easy to make and they smell AWESOME!


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  5. My sister and I over the past 30 years have a contest for Christmas. We try to outdo each other on something handmade. So no matter what we make we know we will get something much better than what we made. We have crocheted, knitted, ceramics, needlepoint, tole painting, quilted, crewel, perty much anything you can think of. This year I am working on creating a special apron fro her.

  6. I love anything homemade!! This year I'm making scarves for several on my list and I'm doing homemade brownie mixes in quart jars for a lot of extended family gifts.

  7. Love handmade too. :o) Especially my mom's quilts...she was so very creative and amazingly fast! She could make a quilt and crochet and create beautiful things quick as a wink! I on the other hand, as far as quilts are concerned...have several unfinished pieces!

    Blessings & Aloha!

    Please feel free to come by and if you do, please leave a comment so that I know you were there :o)


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