Thursday, January 7, 2010

Big Snow?

Is that all there is? I was really hoping for at least an inch! Which here in the South would have been enough to shut everything down for a couple days, easy! Oh, I know there are people who don't really need it to snow for different reasons, but I really wanted to get snowed in...I think. It is supposed to be dangerously cold the next few days. Stay warm and be careful. Cover your little people really well if you take them out. Exposed skin is not a good thing in this kind of cold.

Is everyone else in Alabama watching THE BIG GAME? We are too. Well, Hubby is really watching it. I'm in the same room with it. I should be sewing, but I'm keeping him company while he watches. I know he appreciates it. And I know he loves my commentary on it. Ha! Roll Tide!

So, it's the new year already, can you believe it? I'm a little late with that, but sometime during Christmas a BUG got me. Felt more like getting hit by a truck! It's mostly gone now, but I know from reading some blogs while I was sick that a lot of others have had it too. Hope everyone is feeling much better.

An update on the curtains. They are done! Thought I would show you a pic. They look pretty good hanging. My friend took a picture of them hanging in his kitchen so I could show them off.

If you've been to our store you know that Charissa has been very busy! She's got some amazing things there. Take a look.

There is also a new tshirt for little boys. It's too cute. Another one coming soon.

Well, I'm done rattling. The team may need me. Better get back to it.

Maybe it will snow some more...

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