Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Boys are Ready for Winter

Ok so I had a lot of pictures to share so I thought maybe a blog post was in order. As those of you who who follow us on Twitter know, I (Charissa) have started making tarfs. Tarfs are crocheted scarves for little people. They are so adorable. Tarfs came about when a customer's son asked for a tarf to go with his beanie. 

Here are some pics of Jacob in her son's new tarf.

Tarfs will be in our Etsy shop - MiMi's Babies in two sizes. Regular - approx. 5" x 44" and Long - approx. 5" x 56".

Jackson and his beanie and matching regular tarf.

Caleb in his regular tarf and matching beanie. Caleb's beanie has been washed and dried more times than I can count and is now in its 2nd year of use. These beanies are tough and wear well! 

Jacob and his long tarf.  He such a good little model!

At one point Caleb decided that Jackson should be wearing his tarf and beanie.  Caleb is a year older than Jackson and they are both tough little boys.  Caleb has been wearing his tarf and beanie since we left the house this morning.  He wore it all during church and lunch a Mimi's. 

So what do you think of the new "tarfs"?  Leave a comment and let us know.
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