Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Stuff

The reason I wanted it to snow was so that I could get caught up on some projects and start something new. Well we didn't get snowed in, really, but I did get some things finished up. Yes Kelly I have finally finished the bonnet to your car seat cover and your head rest for same. See you soon!

I made a purse for a friend's GD, and then had some fun making accessories for it. What do you think? (Pics of purse later.) It's a little wallet, just big enough for folding money, a license and debit cards (cause we don't carry those nasty Credit Cards now, do we?) and a tissue holder. Maybe a key chain to match would be nice....

I had so much fun making the little wallet that I made a few more! The one on the bottom right is MINE! Love that vintage button!

Well, back to the real world. Gotta brave the cold to buy snaps for bags. How did I run out of those?

Christy your bag is next. Almost done. Need snaps....


  1. I LOVE the wallets!!!! So cute! :)

  2. Oh I love the carseat cover!!! And those wallets are adorable!


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