Sunday, January 31, 2010

Charissa's Netbook Cover

Those of you who follow Charissa know that she recently graduated from Athens State with a degree in Elementary Education. Yea-Charissa!! You Rock!! Anyway for graduation she got a Netbook from Grandma DeeDee, whom we all love! So, she's been telling me she would like to have a cover to protect it but I hadn't really had the time to make it for her until...last night! I finally got my sewing room cleaned up and somewhat organized and after seeing Myra's cute little cover, I put this together for her finishing it today with some buttons. I'm loving the buttons right now, can you tell?
So what do you think Charissa? Do you like it???? I hope so. (Actually, she did like it, that's why I finished it.) Pretty good fit too, considering I had never laid eyes on a netbook, huh? It's about 8"x11" more or less. It's drapery weight fabric on the outside and lined with a quilted fabric. The flap is a separate piece that I added, to give it some definition. I would have monogrammed it, but I wasn't sure she would like it, or that it would even fit.
So what about the rest of ya'll? What do you think? Come on, I know you're out there, let me know what you think. Any improvements you would make?

Here are our graduate and Grandma DeeDee with Jacob. Did I mention that it was freezing that day? And that Charissa was 'bout dead with the crud? It was worth it though. Grandma Didi earned that diploma!


  1. Love it!!! It's so cute. You should sell them in your shop! :)

  2. I love it! Love the fabric and that it is padded. The only thing I would add is a pouch that cords can fit in. Even if it just Velcro's on, that would be huge added value in my book.


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