Thursday, October 15, 2009

Be Gracious

Oh my, don't you love that dishcloth giveaway? Don't forget to do all that stuff Charissa told you about, so you can enter!!! (You know she's our Techno Geek!) That's not an insult, she loves it!

I was thinking today about being more gracious. Actually, I'm doing a Beth Moore Bible study and she talked about that today on the dvd. Personally, I could be more gracious, you know, showing grace to others. In view of the grace that God has graciously bestowed on me, I should in turn, show that same grace to others. That Same Grace. Not that I could ever attain that level of graciousness, I mean really. God sent His only Son to pay my sin debt.
You can't top that, nor can you come anywhere near it. BUT we can show that same type of grace. Undeserved, to people who do not deserve our grace.

Kind of like forgiving people who have hurt you, just because you can. I mean, being mad really makes one ugly you know. It causes wrinkles. Yes, wrinkles.

Be the beautiful woman that God has created you to be. Today. Before it's too late. Someone needs your grace.


  1. Great post! Being mad DOES cause wrinkles, I think! :)

  2. This is a great post! I agree about the wrinkles! :)


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