Friday, October 30, 2009

Ready For Christmas?

Anyone else like me out there already wondering if you'll get it all done? Christmas planning, I mean. Usually I start worrying about it now, but I'm waaaayyyy too busy to actually tackle the planning. It's so much easier to fret about it and complain that I don't have time. Well, I AM hugely busy (Praise the Lord!), but Christmas is coming. On the same day, every year! Go figure!

I did find an incredible buy on toys at Target some months ago and bought a lot of stuff, but most of my bargains I passed on to other members of my family for their enjoyment. Some I will use for my own gift giving, but I still have those all important gifts to buy. It's not really about the gifts, though. It's all the things that make the season memorable, at least in the sensory department.

Decorating the house. I mean come on! You need the house to look like it's Christmas, right? I love the lights, the trees, (yes, I add to my own frustration by putting up two trees and I know many of you do more than two!) The only problem is I have to clean my house before I can drag all that extra stuff out! OUCH!!! It's true I'm not a domestic superstar. Never made any claim to it. Anyone want to come and help me? I'm entertaining all offers!

But Christmas is so much more than all the lights and sounds and smells that we enjoy wo much. It's about the greatest gift ever given. The gift of God's amazing love! The gift of a savior, given in the form of fleshly babe, wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. But we dare not leave that babe in the manger as so many do. Remember He grew up. The Bible tells us that He grew in stature, just like our babes do. The only difference in Him and our children is He came and lived a perfect life, to lay it down. Lay it down to pay the price for our sins. A debt He didn't owe, but we couldn't pay. AND THEN...we don't leave Him on that cross, either!
He rose again on the third day!!! He prepared a way for us. Bridged that gap between Holy God and sinful man. Through His perfect life and sacrificial death we can live eternally in His presence!! Amen!

So, back to all that Christmas preparation. I think I'll just concentrate on preparing my heart for Christmas right now. What about you? There is plenty of time to prepare the house and the meals and the gifts, etc. Let's spend some time now, preparing our hearts, refocusing on His Majesty. Oh come let us adore Him, Christ, the Lord!!!

The menu will wait.


  1. Such a great perspective! Thanks for sharing. I've definitely been thinking about getting my Christmas shopping and prep done early this year since Lily is due anytime around Christmas. Thank you for challenging me to have my heart prepared first and foremost!

  2. HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It is so nice to meet you.
    As a pastor's family living in a parsonage, we have to have an open house ever so often. SO -- I start planning (and stressing) over all the Christmas stuff even before Halloween -- that is just wrong isn't it?!!?


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