Monday, October 26, 2009

Family Fun

After reading this week’s blog hop, I just had to join in.  In our family, time together is precious.  With work schedules and life in general, time gets away from us.  When I began student teaching this year, I knew that I really wanted to start a tradition in our family that I cherished when I was little.  Growing up, every Friday night was Pizza and TGIF.  We all gathered around and enjoyed some time together.  Well, I couldn’t let my kids watch Friday night TV so we decided to make Friday night movie night.

To make it simple, we signed up for Netflix and set up a queue of movies our family would love.  I love that it is so simple.  I don’t have to remember to stop and get a movie.  Although, I did accidently throw one away (but that it another story altogether)….  I did find it before the trash went out!

Every Friday night, we pop popcorn and the kids get out their sleeping bags, blankets, cuddle buddies, pillows, etc. and we turn on the movie!

Camera Pictures 2009 049

We are loving it. 

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  1. What a wonderful tradition!!! We try to do something similar. Nothing beats snuggle time AND popcorn :).

  2. what a great tradition! :D i also let my kids watch movies every weekend :)

  3. My kids love it. Eating while watching TV. Yes, a tradition that lingers...

  4. I have a friend that does that every Friday with her boys. My girls and I do a variety of things, usually on the weekend, we rotate things out depending on their schedules with friends and activities. It works well for us, if a couple of busy weeks go by, they start asking to do one of our special things.

  5. What a fun idea! I am your newest follower too! pop over to and say hi!

  6. We do this every once in a while but I might just have to start making it a weekly thing. :)

  7. Movie night sounds so fun. We watch too many movies to make movie night any fun, lol.

  8. I like that Elmo get to watch the movies too. Great tradition!

  9. Such a great tradition! I think family time is so important!


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