Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our first Blog Hop….

So this week’s blog hop is a fill in the blank. That sounded like a lot of fun so here goes.

You just found out you have one week to live. The first person you call is my sweet husband Josh and say “It’s time to find a nanny and maybe a housekeeper, too!”. Immediately after hanging up the phone, you leave the doctors office and before heading home you go to the park with the kids so you can spend as much time with them as possible. You gather your family at home that night and say nothing (maybe things will change! Only God knows what will happen!) then all of you together do our normal every night stuff.
You book a three day trip to three different places because you've always wanted to visit the Carribean beach, lounge around and not have a care in the world (since I’ll be dead in a week, I might as well enjoy myself!). On the way back from your trip you stop off at Grandma Dee Dee’s house to enjoy some of her fantastic cooking because you've been meaning to for a long time. (And because a trip isn’t a trip without Grandma Dee Dee!)
For two more days you spend your time reading probably nothing (who has the time!), writing notes to the kids and Josh, and trying to use up the yarn and fabric stash. You make sure you finally clean out the apartment (building behind the house), finish all the laundry and get a family picture made.
The final day is too personal to write about but you wonder to yourself: why did I have to get a death notice before I finally did all those things this week?
The reason I'll probably keeping putting off all those things is because playing with the kids is more fun but eventually the laundry will have to be finished.

Well, that was fun. I can’t wait to read everyone else’s posts. Thought I should share a pic of the fam since this post made me so sentimental.


Ft. Walton Beach 2009 - 39

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  1. This is a really great blog hop... love to hear the different things about people... I hope we get a lot of participation...


  2. This is fun! I love your answers!

  3. you will be happy in the morning when you see how many people are participating in tomorrow!

  4. Welcome to the Blog Hop. It is a lot of fun and this one was kind of hard. Made me think too much.

    You're right, playing with the kids is much more fun.


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