Monday, October 19, 2009

Favorite Shower Gift

Is there always a wedding shower going on in your church or office? We have lots of young people in our church so someone is always getting married or having a baby. Sometimes there will be a shower for a young couple that we just really don't know. Maybe we are acquaintances of the parents or maybe they are just members of our church and therefore members of our family. Either way, you need a gift.

Well, it happens to us too and I'm so bad to put off making a decision as to what to buy them I get behind in my gifts. We fixed it. This is now our favorite "go to" gift for wedding showers.

It is a generously sized white flour sack towel embroidered with "Love Never Fails" and scroll work. Then 3 of Charissa's famous dishcloths in coordinating colors(which we all know I dearly love) and a colorful towel with the initial of the couple's last name monogrammed on it.
If we can find a wedding registry for the couple we coordinate the colors to match what they have picked out. If not, black and white usually work!

This way we have a gift that we would not only use but enjoy using. It's not just a go to the W store and buy some dishcloths kind of gift, but it's not a break the bank kind of gift either.
It's personal and usable. My favorite kind of gift to give.

So, if you are like us, have lots of gifts to give and really hate to make decisions this is a gift that you can always count on. Give it a try.

Check out our Favorite Shower Gift at MiMi's Babies Etsy Shop.

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  1. I love my Love Never Fails towel that you gave us. It's so pretty!


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